#EndChildhoodCancer Review Of M. Winkelman Project

After scoring through the many different blogs of my classmates that have posted their final connotative image, I find that Matthew Winkelman’s image was designed very well.


He picked a background and foreground image that fit perfectly with his Assignment 2 headliner, “September is National Childhood Cancer Month! Help spread the word to #EndChildhoodCancer“. His skills with vignettes and the magic wand were used well enough that the audience can focus on the main subject of his photo, which is the child. It achieves the goal of the assignment by combing two images, one that is captivating in the foreground, and one that is aesthetically pleasing, but not distracting, in the background. His final image refers to work I have seen advertised by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the present and past couple years. Great job!


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Be Aware About Water: 5 Products to Help

Many agree that the people of Earth could do a bit better when it comes to being eco-friendly or trying our best to preserve our natural resources. Well after taking a look at National Geographic’s water calculator, one is reminded of how important conserving water actually is and what a difference it makes. Here are five impeccably designed products that can make going green a little easier.

Uji Water Saver: This innovative shower head fades from green to red the longer a user takes a shower. The Uji statistics claim to shorten showers up to 10% and can pay for itself in only 7 short months.


Low Flow Shower Heads: This might be the most obvious recommendation but you would be surprised how many people do not have one, or have even heard of them. For as little as 10$ you can limit your amount of water output during your shower.


Boa Waterpebble: The Boa Waterpebble is a 100% recyclable gizmo that monitors your shower habits, making you conscious of reducing the amount of water you use each time you shower. It uses a traffic light warning system that notifies you how close you are coming to your water consumption limit.


Shower Coach By Niagara: This no frills device is made simply to limit your shower to 5 minutes. It is an hourglass designed timer cut into a cute egg shape that sticks to the shower wall. Get in the shower, flip it over, and begin your time. Simple and effective.


Shower Timer: This battery operated 5 minute timer counts down to the 5 minute mark. The little LED light is blue for the first 4.5 minutes then turns red the last 30 seconds. For under 10$ this timer will last you about a year. That’s 365 showers. Pretty nifty!


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Inspi[RED] Design

Two designers, Jony Ive and Marc Newson have taken the creation of basic household items to a whole new level, and all for a very good cause. The two created a unique and innovative desk derived from one singular piece of aluminum. Newson’s eye for sharp curves and swoops is paired beautifully with one of Ive’s favorite constructive materials. The table catches most attention because of its spectacular oversized cellular surface pattern.


The desk was created for the global non-profit group [RED] created by U2’s Bono. It will be put up for auction on November 23rd at Sotheby’s and all proceeds go to [RED] whose mission is to hopefully one day prevent, treat, and eliminate the HIV virus. I think this new creation is different, breath-taking, and refreshing. And I agree with fellow design bloggers when they say the idea of more collaborative work with major product designers is a must!


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Assignment 3 Part 3: Final Connotative Combined Image


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Assignment 3 Part 2: Photoshop Tool & Technique Exercises


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Fellow Lion Discovers Miracle Spoon

After reviewing several of my classmates design blogs, and digging through several different articles, I found that T. James post review of the new Co Design Silver Spoon, the Lift Lab, to be quite interesting. This groundbreaking invention is supposed to help those who are suffering from old age and disease, specifically Parkinson’s, to feed themselves more efficiently.



The technology in this nifty new tableware is designed to cancel the motion of body tremors, making feeding yourself easier for those who are struggling. One way to maintain your dignity by far. The Lift Lab’s founder, Anupam Pathak, derived this invention from motion sensors and accelerometers, which are found inside the handle to detect the tremor. It comes with different attachments and is easy for packing on the go. I agree with my fellow classmate when he says, “Co Design … you get  4 out of 5 spoonfuls!”

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T&F Images

Images For Assignment #3.
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