Inspi[RED] Design

Two designers, Jony Ive and Marc Newson have taken the creation of basic household items to a whole new level, and all for a very good cause. The two created a unique and innovative desk derived from one singular piece of aluminum. Newson’s eye for sharp curves and swoops is paired beautifully with one of Ive’s favorite constructive materials. The table catches most attention because of its spectacular oversized cellular surface pattern.


The desk was created for the global non-profit group [RED] created by U2’s Bono. It will be put up for auction on November 23rd at Sotheby’s and all proceeds go to [RED] whose mission is to hopefully one day prevent, treat, and eliminate the HIV virus. I think this new creation is different, breath-taking, and refreshing. And I agree with fellow design bloggers when they say the idea of more collaborative work with major product designers is a must!


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