#EndChildhoodCancer Review Of M. Winkelman Project

After scoring through the many different blogs of my classmates that have posted their final connotative image, I find that Matthew Winkelman’s image was designed very well.


He picked a background and foreground image that fit perfectly with his Assignment 2 headliner, “September is National Childhood Cancer Month! Help spread the word to #EndChildhoodCancer“. His skills with vignettes and the magic wand were used well enough that the audience can focus on the main subject of his photo, which is the child. It achieves the goal of the assignment by combing two images, one that is captivating in the foreground, and one that is aesthetically pleasing, but not distracting, in the background. His final image refers to work I have seen advertised by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the present and past couple years. Great job!


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