Be Aware About Water: 5 Products to Help

Many agree that the people of Earth could do a bit better when it comes to being eco-friendly or trying our best to preserve our natural resources. Well after taking a look at National Geographic’s water calculator, one is reminded of how important conserving water actually is and what a difference it makes. Here are five impeccably designed products that can make going green a little easier.

Uji Water Saver: This innovative shower head fades from green to red the longer a user takes a shower. The Uji statistics claim to shorten showers up to 10% and can pay for itself in only 7 short months.


Low Flow Shower Heads: This might be the most obvious recommendation but you would be surprised how many people do not have one, or have even heard of them. For as little as 10$ you can limit your amount of water output during your shower.

Boa Waterpebble: The Boa Waterpebble is a 100% recyclable gizmo that monitors your shower habits, making you conscious of reducing the amount of water you use each time you shower. It uses a traffic light warning system that notifies you how close you are coming to your water consumption limit.


Shower Coach By Niagara: This no frills device is made simply to limit your shower to 5 minutes. It is an hourglass designed timer cut into a cute egg shape that sticks to the shower wall. Get in the shower, flip it over, and begin your time. Simple and effective.


Shower Timer: This battery operated 5 minute timer counts down to the 5 minute mark. The little LED light is blue for the first 4.5 minutes then turns red the last 30 seconds. For under 10$ this timer will last you about a year. That’s 365 showers. Pretty nifty!


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