Tongue Twister? More Like Brain Buster!

Nothing feeds a person’s interest more than a good riddle or a new invention. This product first conceived in 1882 by German mathematician Felix Klein has managed to combine both.


A bottle so simple but yet so confusing it is going to leave you scratching your head. The Klein Bottle is the first ‘non-orientable’ surface container that has changed how we view the common bottle. It is hard to distinguish from the inside out and when tried to follow with your eyes, you seem to see that the outside turns inside and the inside turns out. klein-bottle-02

Despite the small problem of slow filling and slow emptying, the product is beginning to grow very popular in the wine enthusiast community. You can purchase one for yourself and see if you can solve the puzzle of its creation. The design is simple yet elegantly done where the handle is the spout, the opening is on the bottom, and the inside and the outside are the same surface. What is life without a little fun and spontaneity? I hope to add the Klein bottle to my kitchen shelf someday, where it might never be used if I cant figure out how to use it.

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