Appreciating the Time You Have

It is a universal idea that many people do not know the day they will die. They do not know how, when, or where, and this has always been an ultimate mystery about life. But one man from Sweden named Fredrik Colting decided that death was not a voyage or a reward, instead it was only an obliteration of time. He created a product called the Tikker, which is a watch like device you wear on your wrist that tells you the day you will die. Although the watch face does tell what time it is, it contrasts the hours of the day with a countdown to your death. This is calculated by collecting data you provide such as age, activity, BMI, and where you live. Once they have been set, the Tikker’s watch face shows every second being subtracted from your life expectancy. Although this is a genius invention, there have been some nay sayers that can do without and I would have to agree with them. Life is supposed to be lived each day like it is going to be your last, no mater if you have a death sentence or not. So no, I would not like to attach the Tikker to my wrist to get even a slight estimation. But the good news is that this was exactly Fredrik’s intention, to push people to live life to the fullest rather than dawning on a sentence of death. A genius invention by far.


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