One Big Oops For Apple

The release of the new iPhone and iOs 7 caused quite a stir in the social technology circle, but one seems to wonder if the new tech specs and features of Apple’s latest release are all they are cracked up to be. One popular topic of debatable discussion is the fingerprint scanner. The big selling point on the fingerprint reader was that it did not only read the outer layer of skin on your finger, but instead used radio frequency to read a living layer of skin underneath. This assures the system that it is dealing with a living finger rather than the old ‘lift a print‘ or ‘chop off a finger’ trick. But according to the Chaos Computer Club and hacker “Starbug”, who claimed to break the system last Sunday, states that ‘in reality since Apple bumped up their resolution on the sensor, hackers only would need to ramp up the resolution on their fakes.’ Which seems easier to do than most people would expect.


Society should know by now that with every new invention, comes the pros and the cons. No product no matter how innovative or advanced is ever going to exist without the loop holes and the glitches that other members of society are waiting to discover. Enjoy Apple’s new product; to say the least its a beautiful new creation. But be prepared in advance for unexpected disappointments, whether they have been predicted or not.


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