Now You See It. Now You Don’t.

With just a bit of tech imagery and a bit of Hogwarts wizardry, a company in Seoul has unveiled their plans for the worlds first invisible skyscraper. The Tower Infinity near Seoul’s Incheon Airport has given designers the opportunity to make a major high-tech slight-of-hand; making a skyscraper disappear, and they have just received construction permits to break ground. The 1476 ft high tower will be outfitted with a battery of digital cameras and LED screens that will help it pull off an astonishing vanishing act. Not to mention the height of the shard like building would make it the sixth tallest building in the world.

3017355-slide-cheongna-city-infinity-towerext-top-detailgds 3017355-slide-cheongna-city-infinity-towerint-model-photo2gds 3017355-slide-cheongna-city-infinity-towerext-eye-perspectivegds-rayus


If this is able to be accomplished, it will be one of, what I think, is the most impressive technological and architectural feats in the world. The LEDs can be modulated so that the facade vacillates from opaque to semi-transparent to nothingness. The architects have yet to release an estimated date of completion, but has definitely captured the attention of architectural eyesore seekers everywhere.

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