Beijing Wants to Know Are You Brave Enough?

Fall has begun and this means it’s time to break out the Halloween horror attractions. A company in Beijing has decided to put this years thrill seekers to the ultimate test. They have created a business called Mystery Room Escapes, where players are locked in a room, that is meant to look like a smaller sized fun house, where they have to look for hints and clues to break their way out. Each room has a different theme ranging from murder scenes to hospital scenes. It only costs about 10$ a person and offers a decent amount of entertainment.


The theory of the room’s design has been seen in many computer games, Mac apps, and video games, but never materialized in such a successful way before. I love the idea of the mystery rooms and only hope that a twisted mind in the United States will pick up the idea of the creation so we can enjoy the fun as well.


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