Move Over Fashion. Education Steals the Spotlight.

Many people are familiar with the term “pop-up shop” when thinking of the many designers, clothes, and fashion boutiques that take over the NYC and Los Angeles areas during certain times out of the year.  This year a company in Los Angeles has taken the term and put their own spin on it. Core77’s retail enterprise, Hand-Eye Supply, has created the very first “pop-up institute”. With the pop-up institute, not only is Hand Eye Supply able to display and sell their products used for wood work, but the shop itself would be created around the product to showcase their craft.


I think the creation of the pop-up institute is a great idea to combine product and production in a way that most companies would not think of doing. When taking a look at the design specs for the space they were allotted, the whole shop was set up in a way that not only flowed but utilized the space given.


I think the classroom and the studio space would have worked better if they were combined so that the apron wall could have been more visible in relation with the work wear, but the separation of rooms gave the audience something new to discover around each corner.


All in all I think Core77 and Hand Eye Supply did an impressive job with not only materializing the vision of a pop-up institute, but designing the space utilized to create it. Bringing attention to the creations of designers, makers, craftsman, and students and combining that with the product that Hand Eye Supply manufactures was a great way to grab the attention of the creative design public.

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